Error Message-Please Help

I am a very happy user of Clone2 & Fox…what a great combination! Although I am a newbie on this board, I have successfully copied about 50 DVD movies over the past several months with Clone + Fox. Now, however, I need some help with what seems to be an unusual problem. The recently ordered commercial DVD movie “Shining Through” that I just received from England (purchased because the Region 1 version of this movie has not been released yet) gave rise to the following error message box:

Unable to open video files

Error opening video files from


D:/VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO:21:unable to open file

Please, does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations for me as I so desperately wish to copy this item and have it available in a format that will allow playing on my “Region1” DVD’s units.

BTW, this movie does play on my “Fox” enabled PC but of course will not play on my Region1 DVD players.

Is there something that makes movie especially “difficult” as I also encountered a problem when I tried to copy a VCR Region1 version of this title on a Phillips DVD recorder several months ago.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

This message appears when CloneDVD cannot see the disk.
We know that the disk works in your pc as you have mentioned so.

Instead of using the drop down to select your DVD source use the browse button (just to the right and locate the ‘Video_TS’ folder of your movie. Once ‘Video_TS’ has been highlighted all should be ok.

Thanks so very much for the instructions…I will try it out NOW and let you know later how things went.

As I suspected, you were exactly correct and I successfully burned the disk using your suggestion. Thanks mate for teaching me the trick as I have never used the approach you recommended before.
Best regards,