Error message: not enough space on drive c



Trying to back up the dilemma and keep getting error message not enough space on drive c. Using latest version that I just downloaded today.


Well how much space is left on C drive?


It does not say. Just will not copy.


Posting the same question in different threads will not help you get an answer quicker. Open windows explorer and right click on the ‘C’ drive. Choose ‘Properties’ from the menu. That will tell you how much space you have left. If it’s less than 10 or 12 GB you [I]don’t[/I] have enough space. If you have more than 15 GB free, your drive may be formatted with a FAT filesystem, and you’re getting that message because Fab wants to write a file bigger than 4 GB (the approximate size limit for a single file in an FAT disk).


Sorry, very new to all of this. Thanks. Deleted extra files and everything works fine.


Go into DVDFab settings and change the Temp directory to another drive that has more space. Once that done you not need worry about that message until that one is full