Error message in nero when using gsa-h10n with blank dvd: "disc space not enough"

I am trying to burn a dvd with a total size of: 4.38GB and when i use NERO 6.3 burning rom and use DVD-R disk, an error message says “disk does not have enough space to burn the files”. This has never happened before but just showed up today. Is my burner messed up is it nero?

That size is approximate. DVD-R disc can hold up to 4482 MB of data or more precisely about 4,700,000,000 bytes (maybe a few bytes more). So 4.38 GB can be 2-3 MB over the capacity. Check the exact size of the files you are about to burn.

A DVD-R normally can hold 4489mb, a DVD+R 4482mb.

To the amount of data you have to add space for the filesystem and extras.

Yeah, I forgot about the capacity difference. I usually use +R media, so for me it is 4482MB…

btw, BenQ and Plextor can overburn. :slight_smile:

Oh! Speaking of that… Does anyone here have a BenQ/Plextor and overburned DVD+R and using a GSA-H10N as a reader?

I have a BenQ which I use to overburn DVD+R, but the LG cannot read into the overburn area. It gives a failed message when I try to access a file in the overburned area, and CDspeed will not scan past 4482/4489MB.

I also have a Liteon burner and a Pioneer DVD-ROM which can read overburned DVD+Rs fine. Just wondering if I have a bad burner or LGs are set up that way to NOT read beyond the limit?