Error message in dvd2scvd



hi again

done a search for the following problem but couldn’t find anything. was hoping maybe someone else out there has come across this error message and might know what it is. thanks in advance (as always) for any help offered :slight_smile:

i’m converting an .avi file to dvd via dvd2svcd, and when i am trying to load the file in i am getting the following messsage and it won’t let me continue:

TGpHugefile(name of file):file not open!

the file is: MPEG-1, 608x352, 23.976fps, 48000Hz.

it has been run through divxrepair and i have watched it on the computer, and i can’t see any bad frames (just in case divxrepair missed any)

has anyone else had this problem, or know how to fix it?

thanks again



the file is: MPEG-1? I thought you said that it was an AVI?


no… sorry. must have copied and pasted too much. it is an .avi




So you actually get that error just trying to load it into DVD2SVCD ?

Can you run GSPOT ( and report what it says the Video & Audio in it are.


yes chickenman, i get that error when i browse to the .avi file and try and load it in.

after running gspot… this is what the audio and video are saying:

video (4CC) DIV4, (Name) DivX 3 Fast-Motion, (Bitrate) 827 kb/s, (FPS) 23.976, (Qf) 0.118 bits/pixel

audio (Name) 0x0055(MP3), ID’d as MPEG-1 Layer 3, (Bitrate) 128 kb/s (64/ch x 2 ch) CBR, (Fs) 48000 Hz

hope that’s the info you needed!

thanks again :bow:



Okay its defenitely an AVI and looks like a standard DivX file to me.

What DivX codec have you installed on your PC? You should have DivX 3.11 and DivX 5.x. Your DivX has a 4CC header of DIV4 ( for DivX 4) but using DivX3 Fast Motion to de-code.


i have DivX 3.11 and DivX 5.x codecs installed… have you heard of this problem before?

thanks again



I wouldn’t use DivX3 to decode, it will serve the video up as RGB instead of YV12 or YUY2. This results in encodes taking more time and being lower quality.

Sorry can’t help with the problem, as I have never used DVD2SVCD. Only thing I can suggest is to ditch it and just to it manually with AVISynth and CCE.


I must say I have never ever had a problem loading any AVI into DVD2SVCD. Maybe try re-installing it again, mabe a file has been clobered.

All I can suggest is that you re-build the Avi Header with DivFix and change the FourCC header to DIVX (use FourCC changer from download section)


thanks for the suggestions, i will give then both a try. :bow:

thanks again