Error message....HELP!

This could be a 1620 related question but I am not sure but I thought I would ask anyway if not please move to appropriate area.

Here are the steps I followed with BENQ1620 B7T9 FW

  1. Setup DVD-Decryptor (latest version) to write an ISO file.
  2. Used DVD shrink (latest version) to re-author and create ISO file of only the main movie and 5.1 sound.
  3. Set backup to make “ISO and burn with DVD-D”
  4. ISO created and started to burn this 4x media at 4x with DVD-D
  5. Burn successful
  6. Scanned with latest NERO CD/DVD Speed at 4x and get a 97% score but this message “No additional sense information” when scanned with Nero CD-DVD Speed at 4x
  7. Movie plays fine in desktop DVD player

Previously I used DVD-D to rip the FILES (NOT an ISO) then DVD-S to encode a re-authored main movie and 5.1 sound and nero to burn…then scanned with CD/DVD Speed I never saw this error message. Very strange!

Question #1 - what exactly is the error “no additional sense information”?

Question #2 - is this mere coincidence that the discs burned with DVD-D and NOT NERO produce this error?

This problem has has been reported before. It is because DVD Decrypter does not recycle the tray after a burn, and CD Speed thinks the dvd is full. Try opening and closing the tray.

What do you mean recycle the tray? I trying seraching this forum but could not find any links…if you have one could you please direct me to it. Thanks

Software causes the tray to eject and then immediately load again.

Brother Vlad

In fact, there is an option in DVDDecryptor preferences to eject the tray after burn.

Please note this message does not happen with DVD-D…it only appears after running CD/DVD Speed. I still got a 97% quality score when burned and scanned at 4x.

DVD-D does its job it is the CD/DVD speed were I get this message.

I think you mis-read that it does not happen in DVD-D. Please correct me if I am wrong.

test123 have a read over this thread and it should explain the problem a bit more

Also do you know that DVD Shrink has its own inbuilt DVD ripper you don’t need to use DVD Decrypter for the first step, you just open the DVD in Shrink and it will take care of it.

8T8…that is what I was using…DVD-S frist the DVD-D.

The solution is to set DVD-D to eject the disc after the burn. This was not done the first time. Before when I used DVD-D then DVD-S to re-author then NERO to burn then the disc ejected I never got this error.

Thanks for all the help!

You can set up DVD Decrypter to auto eject by starting Decrypter & going to Tools/Device & checking “eject tray after write”