Error message during upgrade

I’ve read all threads but I found nothing about this message I get while upgrading the fiemware of my LTR16102B CD RW.
The MTKflash error message is: “File version mismatched”.
Have anyone ever heard about it and what can I do to get my drive back to life?

You may try with another bin file and try to flash the drive using another computer as well.

Make sure you use mtkflash version 1.48…

This is exactly the message I get:
Flash type: SST(SST39SF020)
UPDATING …. 00 %

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Are you sure, you have used the /b Option and the file you downloaded is correct? I had the same problem a few hours ago and I found out that i erroneously used /m instead of /b while flashing

I downloaded the LTR16102B BIN FILE at this link:
the file is 16102.BIN

If you also have the LTR 16102B drive please send me thefile you used at


ahh, try without the /b command when flashing(the rest is the same).

Seems like the person that read out the firmware for me did something wrong :frowning:

And after flashing it without /b it would be great if you could read out the flash rom again with /b and send the file to oc-freak :slight_smile:

It works !!!
The secret was to flash it without the letter “B” but using the letter U. The drive was OK immediately.
As soon as I’m back at the office (on Monday), I’ll send the right BIN file, read with the B option.
Thanks everybody.
This is one of the best forum I’ve ever posted in, everybody is really interested in posting answers and not only questions !