Error message: Divice IO Control w/DVDshrink

This is a first post. I think I’ve searched the FAQ here and looked for Help with DVDShrink on the site. No joy. Here is question:

Setup: Pentium III w/Hyperthreading, 1024 RAM, Windows XP Home, Sonyl DWD-22a drive, BYs2 firmware.

Software: Dvddecrypter and dvdshrink

Meida : Memorex DVD+R 4.7 gb

Issue: I burned by first DVD using ScobaPete’s Guide. Everything went well until the I started the burn and received the following error message:

Error “DeviceIOControl (FSCTL.lak voume) failed Unable to lock volume for exclusive access”

Clicked on “ignore” and the burn proceded to a “Burn Complete Successfully” message.

Result: DVD video is good, can select menues, etc. But the audeo is the director’s commentary no matter what I do.

Any suggestions or insight appreciated.

Thanks for the forum.


Hi and welcome aboard!

Could it perhaps be that you selected this audio channel (and left the regular one out) when using DVDShrink? That’s clarify this ;).

About the error you are receiving: sounds like another program is trying to access your drive at the same time. You should check what other programs are running when you’re getting ready to burn a disc. Do you have a packet writing program (such as InCD) installed?

Thanks. You were right on both counts. I have Nero iinstalled and it was starting automatically when I inserted the original DVD. On my other problem with the wrong sound track, I chose the wrong one ( actually deleted the wrong one trying to reduce the file size). Corrected both and my backups are going fine. Thanks again.