Error message direct draw expired

I keep getting a message beta direct draw expired (direct x version 8.1) i have now found out this must have been a beta version I installed how do I uninstall diect x8.1 so i can reinstall direct x 8.0a if direct draw is part of direct x .

Search the net for uninstall proggies. Microsoft does not support uninstallation. It changes registry entries.
Try this address

hi can any one help me wif my error???plz help me slove my problem…

Are you running an early released version of a service pack, for example XP SP3 RC? That is one scenario in which this sort of error can occur.

I suggest you turn “automatic updates” to ‘On’ for whatever Windows you have, and let it renew the Direct X components for you.

sry…i don really no how 2 fix it coz i’m a com noob
…>< can u teach me step by step…><
sry 4 tat…><

Well you could always look on the Microsoft site and they’ll show you how to do it. Here’s a link:

Also, we will have a better understanding if you type your posts properly instead of using text language. Thanks. :slight_smile:

i’ve did what the web says…buy it still the same…:sad: