Error message after being on cdfreaks

ok so i get on cdfreaks and have for the past couple weeks…

I get in the chat box…then all the sudden it goes blank…and for the next 10 - 30 minutes i can’t log back into the site…

I had in times passed changed the dns…refreshed my cache ( Ctrl Alt F5 )

I was just wondering …am i the only one experiencing these problems
is it a relay server?

or do i just have some …viruis,trojan or spyware that i need to get rid of???


I don’t have an idea why you have this problem. Maybe you’re unable to connect to CD Freaks servers but there can be many reasons for this - starting with your local configuration but can also be caused by your ISP or some general routing problems somewhere between you and the Netherlands.

What does ping and print route give?

here is what it says…now…but i’m not having a problem now…
the next time i have trouble i’ll ping it and see…
Also , i have noticed that when i get disconnected my name remains in the user list…and untill my name finally gets dropped i can’t get back in

ipconfig /all shows no problematic entries?

net view too?

ok just a few minutes ago…it wouldn’t load the page…

You’re definitely unable to connect to the cdfreaks servers at that time. In order to find the reason for this, could you please run “tracert” now and when it’s not working the next time, so we can compare the results and hopefully find out where it goes wrong.

On second sight I wonder what name you are using for the ping. cannot even be resolved to an IP address at my end and the correct name for the forum would be with IP

ok here is the trace route… when i can connect…

last night i tried both the and

I wonder if the tornado in Atlanta was what was responsible for me not being able to get back on? there was some really bad weather in that area last night

ok here is what happened earlier tonight
the first one is trace route to…the second one is to

its just there is no www in front of it :wink:

ok next time i’ll use … without the www :wink:

Uhm, I’m sure that will not change and make the problem disappear.
Had the same problem yesterday. DNS is crapp0red.

here is what it was when i couldn’t chat earlier today

And you are for sure using as the URL for the forum in your webbrowser? Or do you still add the www in front?

[QUOTE=Liggy;2021589]And you are for sure using as the URL for the forum in your webbrowser? Or do you still add the www in front?[/QUOTE]

I am positive…its saved as a bookmark :wink: and has been for the past 2 years :wink: