Error : medium changed

i use Nero and have sometimes coasters .I get the message : medium changed.This is halfway the burningproces.I have the log.Any idea ?I use W2K , but had this also in W98Se.I also have changed the cdwriter and the processor.


type of cd-r?

Changeing the processor doesn’t solve the problem)
(seems that you are using cheap cd-r’s or the burner was at it’s end)

burner IDE _CD R/RW (Philips)
No matter what CDR : i use Philips now.The error occurs on ALL brands.And it’s also the second burner that gives me this error.AND i get this message also using Clone-CD.I figure that the problem must be in the configuration .Do you want to see the Nerolog ?

is this philips burner a 3610?
because they have a construction error.
When i think again it seems that the laser isn’t getting propper info of the cdr so the lens could be dirty

what can i do to clean the lens ?

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what can i do to clean the lens ?
Maybe this can help

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I got the same message because my burner
didn’t support write text to CD feature.
(Can be checked easily by selecting choose recorder from the recorder menu : select your burner from the list and have a look to the recorder information for …(your burner).
If CD-Text is not supported, then, before you start to burn, go to file menu : compilation info
Audio-CD Tab and uncheck the
“write CD Text on CD” box.
Probable Explanation : Nero tries to write information on a device that is not foreseen for that purpose therefore raising up this message.
The only problem is that you have to think about each time before you start to burn, because it looks like that the corresponding settings are not stored and nero restart with this box checked again to “On”.