Error: Media not found

I am using 1 Click DVD copy 4.2 and am trying to copy a Dual Layer Disc on the fly, but I am experiencing the following error.
“Please insert a writable media. Required free space estimation: 7.63 GB. This media type isn’t supported by this drive”
I have enabled DMA settings, updated the firmware on my Sony DRU 510a drive. I am using a DVD=R DL Verbatim. Can burn normally using 4.7 GB, but wont allow me to use Dual Layer Media? Is there anything I can try to make this happen?
I suppose burning it to hard drive will alleviate my problem, but doesn’t it have to burn from Source to Destination without any glitches? Any help would be great. Cheers ulysses009

Hi there and be welcome!

The reason why this won’t work is very easy: your drive cannot burn to dual layer media. This is a somewhat older burner, only supporting burning to single layer media.

With this drive, the only way to fit a DVD bigger than DVD5 on a DVDR is to either transcode the whole DVD, re-encode the whole DVD, leave parts off (doesn’t work when the primary movie + primary audio track is over DVD5 size) or split into 2 discs. There’s no other way with this drive, I’m sorry!

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And incase you do upgrade… On the fly copies aren’t really recommended for anything. Make an ISO with DVD Decrypter, then burn it with DVD Decrypter or ImgBurn.

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