"Error: Media not found" -- when using Copy2DVD

I recently purchased a system to use as my burning machine/burning station.

Its an Athlon 2000+, 512MB ram, Asus A7N8X mainboard, Geforce 3 TI500 video, Soundblaster Live audio. Great little box, doing the job fine, until the other day.

I’ve been able to burn multiple discs with this machine so far, but out of the blue, I’m getting this annoying error message when I try to burn with Copy2DVD that states there’s no Media in the drive, and to please insert a blank or (re)writable disc - despite the fact there is one there waiting for it. The drive door spits open and is waiting for me to insert a blank. Tried several blanks, to no avail.

Using Fujifilm 4x DVD+R’s, burner is a Pioneer 106D.

And you would be using what version? and I’m sure your drivers and firmware are all up to date?

Thank you for your quick reply, and I apologize for my late response. Minutes after posting the first msg, I decided to blow away Windows XP and start from scratch - again. I’d installed and deinstalled numerous different programs for burning in the first week, and I’m sure I’d hosed something.

After the total re-install, I downloaded 2.4.3 of CopytoDVD … i was previously using… (sorry for not stating versions earlier)

There was also another problem that had cropped up previously unmentioned just prior to my finding your site. This was the inability to finalize a disc. This was using DVD Decrypter ( as the ripper, dvd2one (1.3.0) to shrink, and copytodvd ( to write the final DVD. The softwrae was responsive, but would just sit at the “finalizing disc” portion. I’d have to manually reboot the system (hit the reset button) to get it to shut down. The burned DVD plays perfect, but I grew weary of shutting down after each burn. I also encoutered failed to finalize disc using DVD Decrypter to burn an .ISO created by Imgtool (0.90 Classic).

Fast forward to today… Everything’s reinstalled, running on XP, w/SP1. I installed CopytoDVD, 2.4.3, and tried to write two last movies on an 80GB drive I wanted to pull from this box to put in another. They were previously ripped with DVD Decrypter, shrunk with dvd2one and waiting to be recorded. The first one wrote flawlessly. The 2nd one, hung on finalizing the disc. The first movie rang in at 4.25GB, and 2nd was 4.18GB. Both play fine in set-tops and PS2. Haven’t seen the “Error: Media not found” problem since the reinstall of XP today.

Could my media cause this? They are Fujifilm DVD+R 4x discs purchased from Best Buy on the Day after Thanksgiving sale. 2-50pk spindles packaged as one item, reg. $184US went for like $89… that day only. I received them as an early Christmas present. I had been using Princo DVD-R, 1x discs, which were crappy at best. Only had a 25pk of those, and 10 burned fine, 15 were junk - stuttering about 30-40 mins into the movie. Never seen ANY of the above problems using the Princo’s tho – only until these DVD+R’s came around that I’m seeing issues…

Sorry to have rattled on, and hopefully I’ve made some sense… Got 8,453 concurrent thoughts in my head, just trying to get them all down without sounding like an idiot. :wink:


The drive has the latest v1.07 Firmware.



please be sure you have the version 2.4.9 ( download the version from the web site ) and please send by email the log file to help vso to solve the problem.

Yes, I downloaded the new version I saw posted, and the problem persists…

I’ll locate the log file and send it your way.

2.4.9 ?
not released officially

Sorry – my fault, 2.4.7 is what I most recently downloaded.


is the 2.4.9

I’ve been working closely with Fabrice w/Blindwrite in the last two days, and they’re now up to version 2.4.11, which for now seems to have solved my problem… I’m now happily burning away again. We’re still in communication via MSN, and I’ll be ordering some new -RW and +RW media and I’ll report my findings here.

Here’s the link to the new version:


Feel free to download and install it — don’t uninstall, just overwrite the previous install – and report your findings here!


2.4.11 worked fine in first go with Mr Platinum DVD+R (Ritek02) @ 4x Pioneer 106. I haven’t used this program for ages (and didn’t like it then) but since i’ve used BW for ages i look forward for this to be a great package as well. I also made an ISO and burned it nicely @ 8x (Ricoh 4x DVD+R) with LiteOn 811

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Btw - How about a 1:1 copy option?

1:1 it’s blindwrite.