Error "Logical Volume Identifier" DVD Fab Decrypter

I have attempted to use this program to do a backup of a Rita Coolidge vintage 2004 live concert and when I put the disk into my external BenQ 162I and my bros Sony the error: E:/ Logical Volume Identifier appears.
This also occurs on our Internal drives as well. The DVD at the bottom shows as a 9, so it does need shrinking to fit on a 4.75.

We have also tried it with DVD Shrink and get the Identical Error:
E:/ Logical Volume Identifier.

We Disabled “Any DVD” on my notebook when using DVD Fab Decrypter and it made no difference. (My bro does not use this program so it was not on his computer)

We can’t even get the process started and this is the first time this has ever happened.
We tried googling the Error and little info seems available.

I had the neighbour give the disc a try and he was able to do a back up with 1 Click DVD Copy and Any DVD.

Has anyone encountered this problem before???

I have always had great results with Shrink and DVD Decrypter and this Source disc is not a new one, it is 2004.

I was reading somewhere that some purchased DVD’s have something in the Boot Sector that prevents a Back Up???

Does anyone have ideas on this one??

I should say that I tried Nero and Any Dvd and had no luck as well.

I hope that someone has some idea of what the issue is, thankyou.

(BTW, does the program Imgburn do any shrinking as it was suggested to try that program out???)

Have you tried turning auto run off on your drive?


Yes. I did a uninstall of Shrink and a reg clean and then a reinstall and reboot and tried again and still got the same “Logical Volume Identifier” opposite the drive Except this time I was able to rip it with Shrink and then burn it with Nero???

Still no Rita Coolidge title of backup dvd “Walela Live in Concert”??? just that Logical Volume Identifier opposite the External Drive, however at least I got a copy so that I can put the original in my library.

I would appreciate any comments re this occurring??? thankyou