Error Log, Again :(

Evening folks, I am pretty new to this DVD Burning. I have burnt one DVD thanks to your help and even since I have had Errors. I found some Verbatim DVD -RW in my room and ever since ive tried using them I keep getting a Error log. (F is my DVD/CD drive). First disc that worked was a Sony DVDRW+ the Verbatim is DVD-RW would the +RW & -RW be why its not working?

Basically the log just states

F - Not ready at the bottom of a long list ??

Please help thank you
Hope it makes sense, writ it quickly

Hello Kirby :slight_smile:

It would be helpful if you could post the error log, so that we can find out what’s going wrong and where.

It wont let me copy the log however here is a link to some screen shots.

Thank you

P.S Im thinking maybe its because they are DVD-RW and now DVDR like the Sony ?

It looks like the error occurs during the encoding process, before burning starts…

Unfortunately, I don’t use DVD Flick, but hopefully someone else will be able to help out. :slight_smile:

Ok thank you fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Any ideas?