Error:loading alcohol device drivers failed!

I currently have A120% v.1.9.5. b.3823 then, i finally got updated with the newest alcohol build 4327 (i think) and after i installed it (trial) while loading it up it gave me this error:

"Loading Alcohol device drivers failed! Emulation options and native driver interface of Alcohol 120% will not be available! "

well as sson as this happened alcohol is pretty much useless, so i uninstalled it, installed a previous version which is the build 3823. and the same thing happend, this is the first time ever seeing this, i have been using alcohol for about 1 year. And i did uninstall the old version before updating. and i have been googling for hours, i hope some one can help asap. :sad: :sad: :sad:

Erm, pardon me for asking, but why is it that you installed a trial version if you’ve been using the program for about a year?

i forgot my email/pass i used at the time, i just got the trial version to check it out, my friend told me to update to the newest to see if that fixed the issue, but it didnt. i never wanted to update cause i heard that some newer version were more buggy, or so i heard.

Please contact with the details of your purchase so they can sort out your login issue. Posting/Sending a System Report from b3823 will help them identify you and the possible cause to the Virtual Drive failure.

include your CDfreaks user name so that we can mention here that your problem is resolved or not.

ok, well i got this application from my friend awhile ago, he dont want to give me his usr/pass, dont know why (havent talked to him ina long time + he’s stingy). i used Dtools for some time too, but i like a120% alot alot more. Well can i receive help from the folks from here, or do i just give up. I just formatted my pc a week ago, and so far i dont have any messed up drivers or nothing. the program does start though, but when i click on someting it just tells me its not going to function properly. thnx in adv.

----i read some other foroums of some other peeps haveing this same issue, and it said to install in “expert mode”. it dont have that in b.4327. so even the new trial version dont work for me.

hey guys i just noticed, i checked the device manager, and the scsi drive controller thing isnt there nor the plug and play bios extension. thats not normal right?

If you like the program, you should pay to register it (the trial period [B]is[/B] only 30 days after all) and then you can receive help both here and from alcohol’s support team (either through their official forum or by email).