Error Initializing Test with Plextor PX716A

My apologies if this has been answered before here, but it’s late (or very early AM if you prefer), I’m groggy, and frustrated. I have a PX 716A and I cannot get the Nero CD/DVD Quality Tests to work at all. I continually get the error message “Error initializing test”. All other functions of Nero CD/DVD Speed work, and I can perform PI/PO, etc. tests with Plextools. I have Version 4.51.1 of Nero Speed installed.
Is there a solution for this that anyone knows about? Thanks for any help for this old guy!

Unfortunately Nero CD-DVD Speed Disc Quality scanning does not support Plextor drives. There is no solution for this.

Welcome to CDFreaks btw.

Ahhh, thank you for that answer zevia (and from a fellow NY’er no less-Cap District here). If only I had asked it sooner, I could have gotten to bed much sooner.
My thanks again…as always, this forum is the most useful place I have found for any information I have needed with regards to burning and related issues!!