"Error initializing test" Nero CD Speed


I just bought a NEC 2500A burner and I installed the latest version of Nero. My problem is that I can’t run the Quality Test from CD-DVD Speed because after the spin-up I get this error message:
“Error initializing test”
I got the same error message when I used the stock 1.06 f/w and Herries’s beta5.

Did anybody get this message and knows where it comes from and maybe how to solve this?
Kprobe is working on NEC DVD burners like mine or not? (somebody told me it works only with Liteon).

Thank you.

Your drive does not report PI/PO errors, and thus cannot be used for scanning in any program. Suggest reading the relevant threads in the media forum.

Thanks rdgrimes :slight_smile: I didn’t know that NEC drives don’t report PI/PO errors.

Do you have any idea why I got a “Power calibration error” when I tried to burn a CMC DVD+R 4x (sold as HP DVD+R 4x) disk at 8x with Beta5 f/w from Herrie?
I can burn those DVDs 4x no problem, should I just flash a different firmware.

If you are using Nero 6, be sure to update to the latest version.

Also, other people have reported that not trying to change the booktype fixed the problem for them.

I’m using the latest version of Nero 6…
It looks like the Herries’ latest beta5 f/w sets the booktype to DVD-ROM by default when you write a DVD+R, so I didn’t try to change it manually (I don’t even know which software can do it for NEC 2500A drives).
I was just wondering if somebody tried to burn these type of blanks (CMC DVD+R 4x sold as HP) and 8x and if it was successful…

CMC 4x+R burned at 8x with Herrie’s 1.07v2b4

Thanks rdgrimes :slight_smile:
I suppose the burner behaves the same with beta5 (not beta4) f/w (please correct me if I’m wrong).

I believe there was a relavant change in b5, here’s an exerpt from the changelog:

CMC MAG F01: Modified 2.4x and 4x strategy to the one from 1.07 stock in order to get better results. Used 6x and 8x from CMC MAG E01
CMC MAG R01 @ 8x using 6x and 8x from CMC MAG E01

You might wish to try b4 if you intend to use the CMC a lot, and don’t want DL support.

EDIT: I take that back, looks like the CMC change was after b5 in the final release.

My DVD+Rs are CMC MAG F01 and I can write them very well @ 4x, but I tried yesterday one more time to write one @ 8x and Scandisk result was 2.9% unreadable close to the end :frowning:
Most probably I’ll switch to beta4 (I don’t have any DL blanks so…)
Anybody knows if the other f/ws from The Dangerous Brothers use better writting strategy for the type of disks I use?

Thanks for helping me.

The TDB firmwares have the default write strategies provided by NEC. They don’t change them at all. So whatever is in the stock firmware is what you get from TDB firmwares.

Thanks! I’ll try Herrie’s beta4.

Try using 1.07 v2 beta5… I’m using this firmware and I got a very good result when burning Teon 4X rated +R which has CMC MAG F01 code with 4X, 6X, 8X speed.

If you have power calibration error and you have the latest version of nero, you may wanna check if you have multiple burning programs. Just install one that you like the most in your computer.

Thanks mudenk :slight_smile:
I burnt yesterday a CMC MAG F01 (sold as HP x4) at 6x and it was ok (no power calibration error and no unreadable sectors), so I’m trinking to try again the 8x…maybe it was something wrong with my computer at that time.
Only Nero (latest version) on my computer can write DVDs, I have some other programs…but for CDs.