"Error initializing test" Nero CD Speed 2.11

CD quality test (Extra > CD Quality Test)
when “Report C1 errors” enabled, “Error initializing test” pops up
all other tests OK
have used all available speeds, including unchecking the speed box, no luck

Can this be fixed?

Other Pertinent Info:
Software Ver=Nero CD-DVD Speed 2.11
CD Burner=LiteOn GCE 8400B
CDs=Fuji (TYs)
OS=Win 2k
Screen Shot Below

Unless I’m very much mistaken, only a handful of drives support the “Report C1 errors” feature. Plextor Premium is one - I think certain Lite On drives may also have the necessary support.

On both my drives (Lite On LTD-163, NEC ND-2500A), the feature is greyed out. Somehow, Nero CD-DVD Speed (I’m using version 2.11.4 - the one bundled into Nero allows you to select the option - then discovers that there isn’t any support for it after all.