Error incorrect disc

i don’t know if this is a generic code, or related to my stand alone player, or i am getting an occassional bad disc out of the package, once in a while i get a, error incorrect disc c104 when it can’t read a newly burned disc, it is a sansui vhs/dvd writer, i am burning to verbatim on my pc with an lg gh22pn20

could be too fast a burn, try lowering the burn speed. if you are using +r media then you need to booktype to dvd-rom

ok after a small set of coasters have been made, i finally got it done but i don’t know why it worked this way, i am backing up madmen season 1, to preserve the quality on the 1st disc i put the 3 episodes on 2 different disc, the 2nd and 3rd episodes on the 2nd disc worked fine, it was the 1st episode i was having problems with. i always preserve the menus when i copy titles via clone dvd. for some reason when i took the 1st episode only off the retail dvd and preserved the menu it would show as an incorrect disc in my player, when i dropped the preserve the menu it worked

Good to know it working for you now