Error in Pgcedit

Hi, I’m having a problem in Pgcedit… With one particular movie, whenever I try to replace to the VTST Titles it says:

‘‘ERROR: There are 2 TTNs in the original VTST and 1 TTN in the imported VTST. The imported domain must have 2 TTNs or more.’’

My guess is that the original dvd (with 2 TTNs) contains a redundant title in its VTST, so I have to reauthor the dvd in order to remove it…
What do you think?

Just look at what the message is - your VTS needs to have 2 TTNs. It’s no error in PgcEdit, it’s just the structure of your replacement VTS.

If you have a real PgcEdit error, please report it to the author here.


Well, it’s defenitely not an error caused by the program itself… It’s just that it needs to have 2 TTNs. But isn’t there a way to solve this problem? Could you somehow add a TTN or use a method like I described my previous message?

In the project to be imported maybe use Clone PGC?

Or you could use VobBlanker to substitute PGC 1 (note the cells which are not reused in PGC 2 will be unchanged).

It really depends on what you wanna do and the original structure of the DVD. You can’t say TTN2 is redundant - use a trace with preview on to see if it is visited or played.


You can’t say TTN2 is redundant - use a trace with preview on to see if it is visited or played.

I know almost for sure it is redundant. This is what I think.
VTS 1 contains two menus; an English and an Italian one. The Italian is shown, but it contains nothing; it’s blanco. So if I’d remove the Italian one I end up only with the English so the VTS only ends up with one TTN (like the muxed one)…

But if I’m right, the question is how you can remove the the italian menu.
What do you think?

I’m not getting it…:a
It turned out I was wrong: not the italian menu was the problem but title 2 (TTN2) in VTST 1 (which also contains the main movie). So I decided to use DVDRemake to delete title 2. After the deletion I saw a message saying: Title 2 has no PGC set. Reference to invalid PGC, was it deleted? Although I had little hope I tried to open it in PGCedit. In Pgcedit, you could see title 2 was no longer there in the list… You could only see title 1 (TTN1) under VTST1. However, when I tried to replace the VTST, I still got an error saying that there are 2 TTNs in VTST 1.

Probably I’m using a completely wrong method.
[I]Is[/I] it possible to remove TTN2 or should I do something totally different…

Finally I was able to remove TTN2 properly. I’d forgotten that I also had to remove the red colored references to TTN2 in DVDRemake. After I had done that everything worked well. Also BTW, I’ve succesfully corrected the chapter points. Everything works like it should work for now.
Anyway, thanks for your help and of course I’ll report it when there is another problem :wink: