Error in nero please help

WHILE burning in Nero, once burn completes I keep getting error message “SCSI TARGETTING ERROR” when burn completes… THis would be fine if I actually had a Scsi CDR… I’m USING A JVC-4082…IDE!!
Cd is still usable after burn just wondering if any one has any ideas how to fix this…
please email me. I won’t be on this forum all day…

Try re-installing nero!

Rename Scsi1hlp.vxd To Scsi1hlp.old
Found in C:\windows\system\Iosubsys
It will do the Trick

I’ve tried all suggestions, no go…damn it…I’ve even written to nero they sent me a registry patch, which worked marvelously(BBULL SHIT) any more suggestions I’m lost for ideas…Firmware would be my next step… but has anyone tried to find firware for a JVC XR-4082… I can’t find it anywhere…suggestions will be thankfully taken HELP!!