hALLO guys
never had problem with safedisc 2.8…now with C&C General Italian version i get this msg “C&C caused an ERROR in DF394B.TMP.” after a succesful installing…while trying to play.
I used both ccd and with my Lt 24102b like writer (tried reader too) and Toshiba sdm 17-12…
I followed sfdisc profile …but really don’t know what’s going on…
I tried the game in an other machine than mine wich has not ccd or other brng soft installed…the drive is an LG DRD8120B
thank u a lot!!

That’s a normal SafeDisc error. Problem is, with your Lite-On, that it can read the pre-gap of the disc (where SD2.80 stores information in) which CloneCD does not read (and thus also doesn’t write). Sollution would be to use the emulate weak sectors setting when writing and when playing the back-up you must enable Hide CDR Media. If you want more information you can read this thread or this thread. Good luck!

Thank u very much 4 helping me…i will follow ur suggestion and tell!!!