Error in cd-rw

i am receiving error in my friend’s pc …when i tried to write a cd …nero starts the process but at moment it tries to write …a error comes like “power failure or etc” …sorryi dunt remember the exact error but word power do come … i tried manynero versions …nero6,6.6 and 7…i have aslo tried windows default s/w …but its not writing …there is no change in system (at hardware level) and cd drive is not too old …just few months …its reading the normal cds…

Bad media, try with others.

That will be “Power calibration error”.
It does it when the burner doesn’t like the disc. Try with another brand.

ya exactly that is the error …i have tried many dics of different brands ,but of no use :frowning: wt to do now ?? cleaning the lense ??or wt