Error free DL DVD+R freezes!

I’ve burned a few image DVD on DL and whenever it gets to the middle of the movie it freezes. I’ve scanned the DVD for errors and it comes out error free. Is it a problem with my DVD player not being able to correctly read the 2nd layer of a burned DL disc? This happens only on my stand-alone DVD player. When I play it on PC it reads just fine.

I just burned my first double layer disc using Nero 6.6 and had freezing problems at the start of the disc (1st episode of a show) and the end portion of the disc (last parts of the last episode). All the rest was fine, the middle, menus etc.

Thanks for any help.

NEC 3520A
Verbatim DVD+R/DL 2.4x

I burned at 6x at no problem. It’s only in the middle where the laser switches to read the 2nd layer of the disc is where it starts freeezing.

IIRC, this is a problem with Nero 6.

If you’re burning duplicate copies of a DL disc, use DVDDecryptor in ISO mode to rip and burn an ISO. If that sill freezes at the layer break, then your player is the problem. (or possibly the media)

I believe your right rdgrimes, the DL disc switches to the second layer without freeze on my Sony DDU1621 DVD-ROM (which is a rather old DVD-ROM drive), I highly suspect it’s my player’s problem (Pioneer DV-C503) to read burned +R DL discs. I haven’t tried burning with -R DL but I will soon, after my order arrives from, and reply with the results.