Error flashing Philips SPD6104p

Well, I’m getting an error when I try to flash the drive to NP04. It claims there is a disc in the drive, but there is not. Heck, I’m able to stick my arm through the center of the tray to confirm this!

Here is a screenshot:

Using Alcohol or any virtual drive programs?

Make sure that no other applications are running on your system, or try flashing the firmware in safe mode w/networking.

I have Daemon Tools. Tried closing it and still get the error. Tried in safe mode (with and without networking) and I still get the error.

Excuse the double post. Appears the drive may be on the fritz…I place a DVD in and I hear a constant “whirring” noise…my other drive doesn’t do this. My “replacement” drive arrived today so I’ll swap them and see if this happens.