Error flashing cendyne nec nd-1300a and it now is 1100a drive



I just bought brand new cendyne nec nd-1300a model burner. i went to update firmware on this from 1.05 to 1.08. when i did it gave me flashing error and reset firmware to 0.05 and now my computer reads it as model # nd-1100a and so it wont let me flash 1300a firmware because it thinks its 1100a model now, but i was able to flash it with 1100a firmware 1.90 and 1.91 and works, but that only lets me burn + dvd’s and i need - dvd’s. i noticed on the firmware website said it wouldnt work with OEM models and i dont even know what that is. can anyone help me get my burner back to 1300a model or just reset the flash back to 1.05, i dont know where to go from here, or is someone looking for a 1100a model because i cant use this!

need help, mike


You may want to try the DOS flasher: