Error exctracting a specific DVD angle with DVDFab Decrypter

Hi. I’ve noticed that when I tried to decrypt a simple angle (the one associated with my language) DVD Fab Decrypter gives a bad output that is: looking at the decrypted VOB set I see ‘flashes’ in the movie and the movie often ‘jumps’. The two angles have different lengthes (for instance, let’s say 2h 11’ and 2h 13’) instead of having the same one.
This issue happened ripping Star Wars IV,V,VI (at the beginning, you have a written description of the last saga events).

I’ve even checked that that problem exists in many versions: v3.0.7.2, and, so I assume it always existed.

If I use AnyDVD+DVDShrink the result is perfect, that is: no jump and the 2 angles exit having the same length (in the above mentioned example: 2h 12’).

Has someome noticed this error, too, or this happens only on that specific DVD?
It’s a pity, since DVDFab Decrypter is free and AnyDVD is not.
I would like to inform the programmers, but I don’t know where to do that.

I have the same when I try to rip Jin-Roh (Special Edition).

It has end credits in both English and Japanese… I want the English credits, and the result is alternating sections of video and gray images.

It’s like DVDFab is giving one second of the angle you want, then a second of gray where the angle you didn’t want should have been… Like DVDFab isn’t properly discarding the angle-data.

DVDFab is definitely not sorting the angles right… I ran a bugged rip of Jin-Roh SE (freshly ripped with DVDFab through DGIndex…

Pay attention to the headline on the two pictures…

Vob 22 is the English angle, Vob 23 is the Japanese… Since they are both in the stream it means DVDFab hasn’t removed the unwanted angle properly.

If I had scrolled further forward DGIndex would have shown alternating images from Vob 22 and 23…

Dear all,

I will check the problem asap.

Best Regards,

I can confirm what aldaco12 said. I’m having the problem with the same disc. Ripped vob is jumping around and the occasional flashes of gray screens. Ripped it with DVD Decrypter (not to be confused with DVDFab Decrypter) and it came out fine.

Some multi-region titles use region feedback from the player to automatically select the correct angle to play. You may have to 1) not strip the region coding or 2)experiment with not removing the IFO and/or VOB UOPs to get it to play properly. If you want both angle versions, decrypt it and run it through DVDShrink which allows specific region setting (player will have to match unless region free or hacked). You might be able to manually select the correct title elements in Shrink’s re-author mode. Disclaimer: Never tried it that way, seems like high PITA factor. Just re-ripped “Six Days, Seven Nights” (2 angles, English/French titles/credits) with Fab Platinum and it came out perfectly mon ami!:slight_smile:

Is there a fix for this yet? I notice it in my kid’s videos the most. (Read: Lion King 1, 2, 1 1/2.)

Also when I tried DVDFab Platinum, single pass worked (with less than awesome graphics), double pass gave me a video without sound. Was trying this with the movie “Eddie”. Can anyone help me with this?

What do mean single and double pass :confused:

When you go into the options for “full movie”, you can have the DVD to XviD converter run one or two passes on the conversion. The second pass often cleans up artifacts and video noise that you’ll see in a single pass conversion. When you run AutoGK it automatically runs two passes. Seems that DVDFab Platinum defaults to one pass.

Thanks for that info

I take it that your question about the second pass means you don’t know about a fix for the multiple angle error… :doh:

Sorry I myself never do DVD to XviD

Nor I, I don’t even know what Xvid is, but I’m tring to learn. Good Luck. ~ Mike

I never do DVD to DVD… As a major movie buff, I prefer to have all my movies on the hard drive ready to go… I have over 500 DVDs, so my 750GB drive is busy storing my 1.4GB XviDs for ready access on any of my TVs or computers… I just find it more convient than replacing a DVD my 6 year old destroys because she accidentally snapped one in half (after four dead limited release Disney DVDs, you learn to play it safe…)

Wow, that’s one heck of a compression temna. Also, welcome to the Club here at CD Freaks. I’m also assuming that there’s no quality loss with that kind of shrinkage ? ~ Mike

It’s not too bad… Unfortunately, I didn’t pay too much attention to it in the beginning… AutoGK was resizing the videos… So I get odd resolutions like 638xwhatever instead of 720xwhatever… I may go back through them once I get my new media box up and running… shrugs The video quality is still much better than DirecTV or Digital Cable… I hate that blocky crap you get from digital TV… Plus, I can always back up a single movie onto one of those miniDVDs or three onto a single DVD-5… Or the extended Lord of the Rings onto a DVD-9… :bigsmile:

That is amazing temna. Is there a website explaining this process in detail so I can study up on it ?

I got the info off a friend’s blog a long time ago… I have been doing this for a very long time… Maybe I could write something up… The thing that rocks is going into Windows Media Center, clicking on videos and having most of my DVD collection listed there for easy access… I cannot believe I had to pull out a copy of the old DVD Decrypter for rip “Eddie” because DVDFab Decrypter can’t handle the angle issue…

Basically all I do is let DVDFab Decypter do it’s thing (Main Movie, basic English AC3 2 or 6 channel audio), import it into AutoGK, set it to Custom Size 1400MB, and let her rip… With DVD Decypter you have to tell it to rip in IFO mode, but them just pop into AutoGK and go from there… BTW… Then you should grab an AOC MG35 ($140ish from NewEgg) and a big hard drive and you can take your movie collection on the road…

Thanks temna for your help. Gotta get to bed now. Gook luck, hope to see you on again and maybe discuss this in more detail ok? Thanks. ~ Mike

I will be around. I hope the coders for DVDFab fix this. I don’t think DVD Decrypter is going to work for newer titles… :iagree: