Error - Dvdfab5.0.3

Dear All,

I have experienced the following error. Please see attachments.

The thing is that…I uninstall version and installed this version. I open the tray, put the disk into the tray, and the message pop-up.

My system hang, I had to make a hard reboot.

I have never experience this with the other versions.

Thank you.

P/S = I copied the text error on the PDF attachment.


Not sure what happened here, but I would not uninstall before installing new versions. Many of your settings and customizations can be lost. Uninstall if necessary [B]after[/B] the new version is up and working. The new version should overwrite the old. Suggestions: Open DVDFab with no disc in the drive, then 1) try a different disc, see if problem persists. 2) disable both preview screen checkboxes in Common Settings 3) disable read-ahead cache in Common Settings. It looks as if the analysis was completed when the crash occurred. Had you just clicked a button? Which one?