Error: disable the cd/dvd emulation software


I’ve got Clone DVD and Any Dvd on my pc and did have them both on my laptop as well.

I want to play the Sims2, which i played with no probs before i installed this software. But now, when i want to run the game, but it says i need to disable the cd/dvd emulation software.

I tried to do that on the pc and it still says the same. On the laptop, i’ve un installed both programmes, restarted it and tried again…but still says the same!

Please help! :doh:

the programs have written something to your registry, so you have to clean it out. Here’s a link to a freeware site with some programs for you I would use one that makes a backup of your registry, and also create a restore point if you’re
using winXp

Thanks for that, i’ll do that on the laptop. How about the pc? I don’t want to have to uninstall everything, but I do want to play the game!

I’ve run the Regseeker programme, put in the names of all the copying software that was on the laptop and its still doing the same…