Error creating DVD Files

Please help. I am currently using the latest version of CloneDVD also Any DVD My system is running Windows 98 SE and I have loads of free memory. When I go to back up my copy of Cold Mountain I receive an error message which reads “Error creating DVD Files. Creation of DVD files was not successful. IFOProperties 6TCE”
Help? it has backed up several of the other DVDs from my library but not this one and its driving me mad!!
Cheers Huggy

The latest CloneDVD is CloneDVD2 version Have you tried that?

Get it here

I can say for myself.
Yes, I tried version With a different movie but for the one I tried had had the same error. No luck so far.

You may try to update yours CloneDVD to and AnyDVD
Or read this link

why not try xcopy 321 version 2.50

Or you may try DVDShrink. It is free and a great software. :iagree:

I managed to make a copy using DVDDecryptor to dump the video files to a HDD and then I burnt a DVD via CloneDVD. Anyway guys thanks for suggestions. I’ll take a look at DVDShrink and xcopy and also check a new version of CloneDVD.