Error Creating DVD Files

Ok here goes
I am using a Liteon 812 s with updated firmware(uson)
and windows 98

Specs on the original dvd(Infernal Affairs), using lite on’s smartburn:
-Drive Type = DVD DUAL
-Disc Type = DVD-ROM (Double Layer)
-Nominal Capacity = 6.85GB
-Manufacturer Maybe = Unknown
-SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 0.0X (Write)

I ripped “Infernal Affairs” using Smartripper, by using the Backup option

Then, while opening CloneDvd believe thats the version), i chose to “Clone a DVD”. I took out some unecessary audio streams, subtitles, and a couple of extras.
I dont have the log that was used, unfortunately, but i was able to salvage a screenshot. And this error came up

Also, when this error came up, windows said i ran out of space on my harddrive. I checked on my c drive, and i have at least 8.48gb free on my harddrive. What am i doing wrong?

Also, i would like to add. I did notice a “Unable to locate layer break” message in the clone dvd log.

I am trying to burn this movie on a sony dvd+r/120 min/4.7gb. But as u can see from the above screenshot, i didnt even get a chance to write it onto the blank dvd.
clonedvd2 tried to create the dvd files for about an 1hr and half before showing the mentioned error.

It looks like CloneDVD fails to write the temporary files to your harddisk. Is it full? Corrupted? (Try to run Scandisk)

my temp files is clean. But ill run a scandisk just in case. Thanks for the heads up.