Error creating backup



Ok, my Star Ocean 2 first disc got damaged pretty bad, so I tried to make a backup dy downloading the ISO and making a backup with CloneCD. The ISO has the ccd, img and sub files, so I know it was ripped with CloneCD, and the writing process worked fine, but when it came to actually playing the game it doesn’t work on my modded PSX!
I also tried it on my unmodded PSX, PS2, and ePSXe, with the following results:

ePSXe - Works just fine
Modded PSX - The game doesn’t load. It just goes to the CD player/Memory Card screen. The disc doesn’t spin.
Unmodded PSX - Shows the error message about wanting an actual PSX game disc as it should.
PS2 (Unmodded) - Doesn’t load the disc, just goes to the browser screen, with “loading disc” written.

I know its not a problem with the modded PSX itself, because it plays other backups just fine.

Does anyone have any idea whats going on?


Check out


Hi can anyone help me with psx downloading and burning. Heres my problem. I downloaded Yugioh Forbidden Memories it is a PAL i think. I downloaded it on bittorent. The files i got from it were mdf, and mds. But the mds though is 1 kb i do not know why. And the mdf file is 557,434 kb. I use Memorex black cd-r 48x 700 mb 80 mins. I do not know what is the problem i’ve tried making images like iso, nero image, bin, and ccd. None of them have worked for me. I have Nero the program and a trial of CDClone can anyone please just post a reply of a well explained tutorial or guide how to burn this game so i can do it and play it on my playstation i appreciate it if you do thankyou alot.


This is probably the answer you are looking for.


You could also try HERE :iagree:


Yep, very good advice in each of the previous two posts. Thread closed. :cop: