Error CRC unpacking for installation

Funny these self extracting self installers, I keep on getting this internal message whilst unpacking Nero stub
Please note the file size and version let me know if there are differences thanks
22.3 MB (23,443,548 bytes)
This below is an extract of the unpacking process window

Extracting Setup.exe
CRC failed in Setup.exe
Extracting Redist\shfolder.exe
Extracting nero soundtrax\SoundTrax.exe
CRC failed in nero soundtrax\SoundTrax.exe
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\WaveEdit.exe

Ok managed to unpack to a directory and still get the message that setup.exe is corrrupted
Downloaded again and unpacked still setup is corrupted
1.27 MB (1,339,392 bytes)

Any suggestions?

Hi mate. Someone had the same problem not long ago. The thread is about a week old, I thin in this subforum


CRC errors are normally caused by a corrupted download or a incomplete download.

Try downloading the product again or download the product from a different computer system.



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