Error: Could not count encoded frames

Well i keep trying to make a 2CD DivX 5 copy of spiderman, but when i do the compressability check in guardian knot it always says that it could not count encoded frames and it does various other things…

previously, i ignored these errors and made the cd, but it created a 30 mb file !!! it actually had the whole movie in it but it looked as if it was being fast forwarded at 16X… im guessing i just mistakenly did something stupid, but i dont know why it is saying that it could not count the frames, it seems to do this all the time… here is a pieced together screenshot of the log guardian knot generates…

it also cannot open a log file

please help me as i am going mad:a :a :a :a :a

Ok, 2 things.
What version of guardian knot are you using???
U say you are using DivX5, which is fine but the log referes to DivX4.
Second, it is trying to encode the avs for the compressibilty test, which is 5% of the movie by default which is why you are getting a 30mb file.

Anyway, check the version of guardian knot.
Should be the lastest 0.26.1 for DivX5.
Good luck.


DivX 4 is listed only because it wasn’t changed to DivX 5 when it came out. Ignore DivX 4, it has no significance.

The problem you are having is caused by a codec failure. Update to Gordian Knot 26.1 if it is not already installed. Install DivX 5.02 again as a final step after Gordian Knot is installed and hopefully this will solve the problem.

The same problem and solution is posted in Can’t perform compressibility test.

Thanks for the help, i havent tried it yet, but i have noticed a few problems. First off the other forum is great!! Through it i found out that because of installing guardian knot after divx that it uninstalled my divx5 codecs… i also upgraded to .261 from .26

Before i will post another error ill read through that forum.

(Yesterday i tried to use vidiomi, and although the audio works perfectly, the video is jittery, i think it may have been because of using high processor setting… i am trying it again with normal thread priority, and will find out if that works)