Error Correction?

i own a Plex 24/10/40
i have made copys of almost all protected disc’s out there, and all work fine. (haven’t had any problems yet)
when using clonecd and fast error skip settings i set them to read retrys 3, and error correction to none.(for sd or sd2 protections)
now looking at other post around this forum i see other settings like read retrys set to 4 or 5, and error correction set to hardware or software.
what does the error correction exactly do?
i’ve never had a problem with the way i use clonecd settings, but could i be using clonecd better?
any info would be good.


I DO !!!

Had my plex 24 two days now, still trying to copy a SD2 disk correctly. What read settings are you using? My image of fifa2002 only took 12 mins, I was expecting alot longer…!
I’ll get there in the end… I hope.
Also one other thing, do you have DMA ticked on your Plex property settings?
Theres quite a bit on contradiction regard CloneCD settings:confused:

Error Correction is another bit of the science involved in CCD. If you google for EFM (or eight to fourteen modulation) or Error Correction + CD-ROM you’ll find out a lot about it. Andy McFaddens’ FAQ as well as Chip Chapin’s web site have a boat load of stuff about EC.

The best site for EFM is Prof Kuhn’s lecture notes…they take about a week to sink in!

CCD offers hardware, software & none. Olli recommends just leaving the settings as is (that’s why they are partly hidden away). Your reader will default to the appropriate setting e.g. Lite-Ons, Plex & Toshiba will use hardware i.e. the device will perform the EC which is necessary. It is ‘set & forget’. Retries is provided for older devices that may not have the full range of detection & correction information in their chipset. For these brands also “0” retries is fine. Bumping up retries will introduce other problems. Badly scratched CDs can benefit from multiple retries & the new EC introduced this year in CCD will correct physical errors like scratches so that they are not tranferred over to the image.

The only use for ‘none’ that I can work out is when copying a copy that has AWS done by a non-SD2 writer; this should also work for beta blocked copies as well. If you EC these copies the error/weak sectors (which are the regular bit patterns eg …10101010…) will be regenerated and the copy will not work.

Hope this helps

Heretic these are the settings i use for sd2.

for reading i use my plex 24x.

read speed max
select fast error skip

fast error skip settings: read retrys set to 3
error correction set to none

burn settings: burn speed set to 16x (just cause i don’t have
24x speed disc’s)

                   select burnproof/just link
                   select always close last session

thats it.
works for me everytime.

and yes i do have dma checked off in the plex property settings.

oh ya — also have newest firmware aswell (version 1.02) u can get it from Plextor web site, awesome update make sure ya get that.

hope this helps.


Sometimes it seems like I talking to a barn door. Correct settings, SafeDisc for a Plex 24x, Toshiba DVD-ROM (reader only) or Lite-On 24x (and other quality reader/writers) are:

Read: max, Fast Error Skip checked, EC==> “Hardware” & “0”
Write: max, Burnproof / Justlink & close last session checked.

Setting EC to none will copy over any phsical errors like scratches, smudges & foreign matter obscuring the pit or land from the laser.

Olli does not recommend EC==> none

Recommended settings are here … bookmark it


hey Futureproof your not talking to a barn door.
i read everything you post all the time, your info is always good and true.

i just told Heretic what settings i use, thats all.
my settings might not be right, but they haven’t failed me yet.

i will always listen to you and any other top members here at this site, you guys don’t have names like “Administrator”, etc. for no reason.

srry if i caused a problem, just my info thats all. :wink:


Great, Clone on…