Error copying The Big Red One



I have CloneDVD and Anydvd

Trying to copy “The Big Red One” and I am getting a data redundancy error and it says to clean dvd…which I have. I remember something similar awhile back with The Grudge DVD.

Anyone know how to fix?


You can try AnyDVD


thanks for the info, I downloaded the new version but still get the same error…

File 1 D:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_4.VOB 23 TCSectorReader

It says to clean the DVD but it is spotless. I have a feeling this is some new type of preventive.


I don’t think so, because of many reasons:

1.) “The Big Red One” (I assume R1, US, you didn’t give any details) is from Warner, not Columbia/SONY
2.) It was released in 2004 on DVD
3.) It is an old movie
4.) Most important: VTS_01_4 is in the middle of a title set, it is very unlikely that a protection is there


A special edition was just released this past week.

I will try another copy and report back but as I said this mirrors an error that CloneDVD fixed on The Grudge.