Error copying large file in the USB external Hard Drive


I have external hard drive attached to my server and having NTFS partition however i can copy the .bkf NTBackup file which has 21 gb size but i can not able to copy 76gb .bkf file in to the same.

I have sufficient free space avaible on the external USB drive.

i googled out lot of but no success.

can anyone help me out in this?


Could be a timing issue. Try unstoppable copier.

I am coying the data from the local machine where the USB drive has attached not by network.

also i am using simple copy command by windows 2k3 GUI by the same way i used to copying 21Gb data and its working fine for 21gb.

i am have issue with copying 76gb data. :frowning:


(sigh) Timing can go wrong with USB devices all the time.

Click here. Download it, run its installer, install it, run it. Copy your 76gb of data by trying it.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I have just download it and trying to copy the same…

Let me check it, as soon as it is done i will get back to you on this.

hope this would work… :slight_smile: