Error code when trying to burn DL discs?

I have tried to burn DVD9 size discs using Memorex DVD+R DL discs. This is the first time I have tried using DL discs for anything, but I do know that my drive will burn them. However, I have tried 2 times now on 2 different movies and I got a failure to burn message error code 116? Any idea what this means? I don’t want to keep trying because these things are expensive!

Sometimes 116 is due to incapatable media. Memorex DVD+R DL discs are not know for providing positive results. Memorex does not make their own media, but purchase from different manufactures. Did your burner come with any control or test SW. You can download and use VSO Inspector free. Find it using google. Set burn speed lower, choose SAO Writing, and bit setting for DVD-ROM.


116 HWS_WRITINGFAILED // Writing failed (write error or process aborted) Sounds like Mack has this covered,I don’t think Memorex is a good media myself

If you download VSO Inspector it should tell you if your drive supportDL Disc’s
also make sure you choose DVD9 at the bottom of the main screen of DVDFab

I’m not sure, but I seem to remember that VSO Inspector will also check the media against the burner and give you the odds of getting a good burn.


If you’ll post the burn logs of the failures it might show the problem more clearly.

All good ideas. I had all kinds of DL failures. Talked with these guys. I mean to tell you I was, maybe only getting a 30% success rate with DLs. Thats a lot of expensive
The one thing they said that made the biggest difference was to slow the burn speed down. I now using a good stable Fab version, 9.0b seems good so far, 4x speed, SAO, using Verbatim +R DL, I don’t booktype to -R because my standalone is only rated for +R DLs, and I havent had another coaster yet. KNOCK ON WOOD

I also prefer Verb media, in fact it’s all I use in SL and DL for my backups.And I only burn with IMGburn or IMGtools…

Any luck yet georgek49?

I just got another perfect back up (Blood Diamond) using settings outlined above.
Thats 3 for 3. Wish you the best.

Bit setting / booktype does not change the disc, it tricks the player into thinking that the DVD is the same format as the original pressed DVD that is DVD-ROM which all players will play.


I ran out of discs, so I won’t get a chance to try these ideas for awhile. But thanks for the advice!