Error code U99



Error code U99 appears. I press the ON/Standby button on main unit to go to standby then press again to turn on (as according to the instruction manual) but U99 appears again. Please help


[QUOTE=nhamt;2517614]Error code U99 appears. I press the ON/Standby button on main unit to go to standby then press again to turn on (as according to the instruction manual) but U99 appears again. Please help[/QUOTE]

Did you try to call their technical line for help as well?? Also you don’t give a make or model so giving help would be impossible at this point in time??


sounds like a Panasonic DVD recorder.


[QUOTE=CCRomeo;2517653]sounds like a Panasonic DVD recorder.[/QUOTE]

I kinda figure that was it was in doing a google search but without much info and specs from the OP. Help is hard to give…in my opinion…


Hi CCRomeo,
Thanks for your reply, it is a Panasonic DVD Recorder DMR-ES35V. Panasonic said that technician has to come over to look. I read on the web posted quite long ago someone said a capacitor needs replacing. Maybe I have to open out & have a look to see if any suspect capacitor. It would be nice if I get more specific instruction if this is the possible answer.


Hey coolcolors, if you switch over to one of the newer version of the forum it displays a little more info in some threads. Like the top of this thread has a picture of the DVD player and the model number. You can make the change in your user control panel. I was used to the old version and content with it, but needed to make the switch to stay on top of stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


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There is a possibility that the largest electrolytic capacitor in the power supply may be failing or has failed. Examine the capacitor for a bloated or split top. Replacement of that $2 capacitor takes extensive disassembly, about one hour labor. This is unlikely to be the problem if the DVD Drive still “spins-up.”

When there are read, write or finalizing problems, perhaps even the U61 or U88 errors, be sure to listen to your DVD Drive. What do you hear? If there is a “grinding” noise the problem might be as simple as a dirty rubber hub in the DVD Drive.

An U99 error generally follows the U88 and U61 errors, often where a DVD Drive makes “clunking,” “chugging” and “errrp” noises. The problem might be related to a DVD Drive with a dirty lens but most often there is a failed laser assembly.

Other threads describe the routine lens and rubber hub/spindle cleaning, a ten minute job with a 2006 DMR-ES35V. If the problems persist the laser assembly has most likely failed.

The U99 is specifically a “hang up” that is displayed when there is a communication error that has occured between the main microprocessor and the timer microprocessor. That indicates a problemtic Digital PCB, the “brains” of a Panasonic. The Digital PCB in a DMR-ES35V is the board mounted on the sub-platform underneath the DVD Drive. Replacement is indicated. The Panasonic approved service procedure for 2006 models (like the DMR-ES35V) is replacement of the DVD Drive and the Digital PCB together as a “module.”

The $130 flat-rate repair (including parts and labor) through Panasonic’s corporate Service Center in Elgin Illinois should be considered before approaching an “authorized” local Panasonic shop where this module, described as the “RFKNES35VP RAM DIGITAL PCB MODULE,” is currently priced at $258.67 for the parts alone. Add another $100 or more for shipping the parts and diagnostic, replacement and testing labor.

While the DMR-ES35V is an outstanding product (I own six DMR-ES35V models, three of which have each accumulated more than 3,000 recording hours) it may not be cost effective to repair this model, especially when the outstanding Magnavox 2160 HDD/DVD recorder may be purchased for $159.00 (like-new refurbished) at or new for $198.00 at


The DVD Drive is seen at the left. The Digital PCB is mounted under the DVD Drive on the sub-platform. The largest electrolytic capacitor in the power supply of a DMR-ES35V is the large brown cannister just to the right of the DVD Drive. The pictured capacitor has no visible defect. The DMR-ES35V photos depict a 2006 model year US/Canadian DMR-ES35V model.