Error code U80

I have a DMR-EX75EB and a couple of times the screen has gone blank and the error code U80 is displayed on the panel. If I change the channel it is OK again for a few minutes then does it again.

It records and plays back fine, it is just when watching Freeview TV that this happens.

It is only a couple of months old so is still under warranty, has anyone any ideas what the error is please. It is not in the manual.

From the Service Manual :-
“U80 - ST Microprocessor Communication Error on Timer Bus"
“U80” is displayed till Power Key is pressed”

As its still under warranty, Id suggest you get a replacement.

Thanks LaserBurn, it doesn’t sound good does it. :frowning:

If it does it again then it can go back. I only got it last month so there is plenty of warranty left.