Error Code 4200?

Hi everyone,
:rolleyes:I’m looking for some desperately needed help. I just purchased a new workstation a couple months ago using Windows XP Pro for running Sony Vegas 8 with DVDA. At times I make a soundtrack to go along with my DVD movies.
I was able to burn 3 differant soundtracks to CD-R discs, but when I went to burn another, I couldn’t. Upon placing the CD-R disc in my Plextor drive it would read fine, but when it’s ready to burn I get a pop-up stating “Cannot Burn Disc Error Code 4200.” I am able to download recorded CD’s to my hard drive as well as play them. In addition, I can read, burn and play DVD’s without any problems. My only problem is burning a CD-R.
I have tried the following to try to remedy the problem;

  1. Used four differant burning programs in which I have alway’s used on othe computers without failure.
    a) Nero 8
    b) Micro Studio
    c) Music Mix Meister
    d) Roxio
  2. Different Manufacturer’s discs
    a) Verbatim
    b) Imation
    c) Sony
  3. Changed internal drives from Plextor to Pioneer. (I swapped them back to Plextor, due to great performance in the past).
  4. Tried a program called RegCure which states that it eliminates this particular error code, but didn’t.

The only thing I haven’t tried is to totally reinstall Windows XP Pro. If you have experienced this problem and know of a cure, “PLEASE” let me know.
Your help would be most appreciated. Thank you, Ray

If you are trying to burn audio files to a disc, just try imgburn…