Error code 4015 dvd fab express

Help…I am constantly getting code 4015 error code when trying to burn dvd with dvd fab express. anyone have any ideas on what to do. I have been a user for over six months and this just started happening.

-I have the same problem with the latest version of DVDfab Gold and when I use Nero burning engine.

The Nero says: “Can not connect TRF”

Then DVD-Fab report “DVD (4015)”

Any tips?

I don’t see this specific error code on the fab list. Does any burning actually occur?
Are you both using nero to burn within the fab application?
What happens when you use vso - the default burn engine for fab?

This may be worth a look:

Maineman: Thanks for your input and advise, your link have all the answer I look after!

Q: have the VSO burn engine same quality as Nero?


Most definitely.
It’s the default burn utility…I believe it it operates more smoothly overall…at least for me, but there are times when nero is useful…again, my own personal bias.

And you’re most welcome… :wink: