Error Code 22?

Hey, I recently reformated my computer and now my DVD-RW DW-D26A is not working. I went to Control Panel > System > Hardware Device Manager and found that the DVD icon is marked with a big red X and its disabled. It says that I can enable it, but it is not working (MIcrosoft can not enable this device).

Is there anything I should install or somethign to make it work? It was working fine before the reformat and I installed every driver.

Thank you!

You can check THIS out, should help you or at least answer some of your questions.

"Code 22
This device is disabled. (Code 22)

Recommended resolution

The device is disabled because a user disabled it by using Device Manager. Click Enable Device. This starts the Enable Device wizard."

Yeah I’ve searched and all. Problem is as you can see in the original post, I can’t enable it from windows, and I never disabled it … I dunno what’s wrong with that.