Error code 19

please help me to resolve an error in windows7 I have lost my USB DVD and internal IDE CDrom - can anyone help

The first thing to try is the Microsoft Fix It tool for optical drives. Click the link in my signature that says [I]Microsoft support for optical drives[/I]. Then follow the instructions at that site.

Thanks for your help - I am told that there is a conflict in the registry - I have tried unistalling and then reinstalling the drivers but they do not install properly - As I said thank you for your help

If you have any other advice It would be welcome - regards Nexus2

You can try deleting the upper and lower filters manually. Follow this guide:

Thank you so much - it worked a treat now I have 3 working devices - If there is anything i can do for you just ask - I am a health, safet & quality & environmental manager (and build pc’s as a hobby - Take care of yourself and thanks