Error code 116 on dvd fab platinum

[I]Does anyone know what error code 116 means on dvd fab platinum it used to work fine when i had the old fab express now i’ve messed up at least 20 dvd’s i don’t know whats wrong it uploads fine but when i put in a blank dvd after like 2 minutes it spits it out & says the burning failed im getting so frustrated please help!!!:sad:

Transferring to the DVD Fab forum…

Hi goldie220 and welcome to the DVDFab section
116= HWS_WRITINGFAILED // Writing failed (write error or process aborted)

Hi goldie, let me second stormjumpers welcome and ask you to post a burn log. It will make it much easier for your fellow users to see more about your system and what is happening during the burn process. Instructions in the bottom link in my sig if needed.