Error Cloning "Enemy Of The State" with CloneDVD

On all versions of CloneDVD (and SneakPreview) and DVD Decrypter I have the following error with this DVD:

German version of “Enemy Of The State” (Der Staatsfeind Nr. 1)
Barcode-Nr. 7 321922 345776
Z5 34577

Beim Erzeugen der DVD Dateien sind Fehler aufgetreten: Ungültige Block-Startkennung (PS 10 VOBU 3 196 VOBU 4 2098894 329 Clone 6 TCE)

With Nero Recode I have no problems with reading, transconding and burning this DVD - it was successfully!

I have tried this on different HW (NEC-ND1100A, NEC-ND2500 and several DVD-ROM-Readers on different PC’s).

Oh, yes: AnyDVD was always active with standard options…

I hope this will help Elby to fix this problem.

Spitzohr Spock (sometimes on earth):rolleyes:

This DVD has a mastering error, two video blocks in VOB_01_5.VOB (offset 2282 and 2283) are containing 0xff bytes when read using AnyDVD.

Thanks for pointing us to that problem, we will try to make CloneDVD2 able to handle such broken blocks for the final version.