Error checking software

hi all !

i’ve been searching for a new external cdrw for a while to hook up to my G5 imac. The only thing it will be used for is burning master audio cd’s and i want to be able to do comprehensive error checking on each cd.

across several forums i’ve been told that the plextor burner is the way to go but after some research i find that the error checking software is windows only. :sad:

i made a few phone calls to a pro audio company that i know well, and a couple of very hi end studios that i use, they all told me to go for the LaCie D2, apparently the best for audio.

BUT it comes with no error checking software - soooo my question is -
Does anybody know of any cd error checking software for mac osx?

I’m sure someone out there knows all about this, i just hope they/you are reading this :slight_smile:

Thanks v Much