Error burning - LBA 16, Length 16

Hi. I’ve been having this problem with alcohol, like the one V12|V12 had.
It gives me the exact same message:
19:14:17 Recording - DVD DAO - 2.0X (2760 KB/Sec)
19:14:43 (F LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-812S(0:0) - [Write ERROR] LBA: 16, Length: 16
S:KEY - 03/0C/00 - “Write Error”
19:14:47 Error message: [03/0C/00] - Write Error

I have a new Sony DW-U18A and it never gave any mistakes. I can burn the image on Nero, but not on Alcohol or DVDDecrypter, cause both give the same error. Can you please help me?

By the way, my Nero version is updated, as Alcohol and Dvdecrypter are. I already tryed to update my ASPI layer but it did nothing…

Send a system report from within Alcohol showing the error log to

I tryed, but remembered my Alcohol was downloaded off the net, so it’s illegal. They won’t help me, it being illegal…

Well I’m afraid that if your copy of alcohol is illegal, we can’t help you either. Either download a legal trial version or pay for a full retail licence. Thread closed. :cop: