Error backing up DL DVD



I have successfully backed up my last 3 years car Sat Nav discs.My current back up has become damaged and I am struggling to make another.
My PC runs XP SP3
I use an Optiarc DVD RW AD-7200S and a Lite-On (Atapi DVD A DH20A1P) recorder and back up on the fly using Nero 7 Premium (exprss and burning ROM).
No matter which drive I use to copy from/to they freeze after writing about 2%.
Im using the same DVD +R DL 8x discs (fortis tecnology) that I have successfully used before.
I thought it might be the master Nav disc so tried backing up last years disc to see if that worked and same problem.Tried backing up a workshop CD data manual and again same problem.
I dont think I have altered any settings and Ive tried burning at speeeds down to 2x
Sick of expensice coasters
What could be wrong?


Read Error LBA 96 (or may have been LBA 86) appeared


The only DL blank dvds that are consistent enough for us to recommend are made by Verbatim and Falcon. Verbatim are much easier to find, especially in local stores. You can buy the Falcon +R DL online at sites like

You might also try making an ISO of the disk and put it on the hard drive. Then burn the ISO at 4x on a Verbatim disk. I recommend a free burning program called ImgBurn for this. (but then I recommend ImgBurn over Nero every day around here, as I am a bit prejudiced :slight_smile: )


Its not the discs as the discs have previously worked OK and the process of burning an IMG to the harddrive (ie no discs) fails too at 2.1% with the error above
Both original master Nav DVD copies I am trying to back up work fine in the car.


Have you [I]at least[/I] tried creating an .iso on HDD with Imgburn, and then burning with imgburn instead of ner0, as suggested?..

Its not the discs as the discs have previously worked OK

And how many times have we heard that?..Yawnnn!!!