Error backing up a movie with my new Lite-On SOHW-1633S

okay i just got one of these and i have it connected threw firewire in an external box. i am just going to be using this to backup some of my dvds. should i upgrade my firmware???i searched around but just got confused. i tried to backup a disc using dvd decrypter ang got an error about 3/4 threw using the discs that came with it. any simple sollutions will be appreciated. thanks

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Posting more information (as suggested by the posting guidelines) would help. Such as exactly what you were doing (was this ripping, encoding, or burning?) and what error you got. And general details about everything.

how bout this should i upgrade firmware?

Read my previous post. You have not provided enough information about the problems (including what your current firmware version is), so it’s impossible to tell if a firmware upgrade would do anything for you.

Hey, hope you can help me out code65536. I’ve got a Lite-On SOHW-1633S with firmware version BSOS. I don’t know what’s going on, but for some reason, whenever I try to burn anything with Nero, Alcohol 120% or with DVD Shrink, I can never change the write speed on the damn thing. The option to do it is greyed out. It’s always defaulted to Max or @ 4x. I wanna lower that down to 1x but can’t do so.

As for burning with DVD Decrypter, I can chose to burn at 1x, but once burning starts, it shoots back up to 4x on its’ own. I just keep making new coasters.

Anyone know why I can’t lower my burn speed ???

1633s= mini: 4X, Maxi: 16X. (according to your media)
You can’t write bellow 4X!

Is that normal ??? I mean I always thought that whatever speed they post on the package or on the dvd itself was the max write speed but that you can choose to write at a lower speed.

See, thing is, with Nero Ultra 6, burning kept freezing. Now i’m using the cheapo Nero Express that came with the writer and it seems to be working, but my ps2 games skip. I want to lower the write speed.

Any suggestions in regards to working around this problem ??

Also, anyone know where in Montreal I can get Ritek G04 DVD-R’s ? I heard they were apparently very good for PS2 games.

That’s perfectly normal. It’s not a problem. If you are not getting good burns at 4x, then you should use better media (i.e., not Princo, because Princo is amongst the worst media ever to have existed).

You can look around in the media forum for where Canadians might be able to find Ritek G04 media (which isn’t all that great, either; why not use some quality +R media with bitsetting?)

I was always told to use DVD-R for ps2. You sure DVD+R will work on a chipped ps2 ??? Also, what brand do you suggest ?

okay i was using the disc that came with the drive its a dvd-r by lite-on and i think im using BSOK thats what nero info tells me. but the disc that i tried to backup did play up to the point where the error occured and this was in a ps2 too.

What do you mean by “but the disc that i tried to backup did play up to the point where the error occured and this was in a ps2 too.”… What error are you talking about ?

Anyone know what’s better for ps2 games ??? DVD-R or DVD+R ???

some error that caused it not to burn anymore about 75% threw

as you can tell i really dont know much bout dvd burning…i just wanta know should i upgrade my firmware for backing up dvds?

Just tried the Lite-On DVD-R that came with the burner and it’s working like a charm !!! :bigsmile: Now, to find media in store that is similar to these ???.. :confused: :confused: :confused:

so should i replace the BSOK firmware?

u should take other media.

one more quick question. i have this connected threw a 1394 cable and i get top speeds a like 2 writing am i missing something here to speed me up or is this all ill get?


You are still not providing enough information. Please read the posting guidelines at the top of the forum for some ideas about what information you should post. Without this information, nobody can help you.

Use smartburn.exe from Lite-On or DVD Identifier to find the media code and search in the media deals sub-forum or ask around to find the same media.